We are always interested to work with talented and devoted students who wish to do an Honours, Master, or PhD thesis in the context of our lab's research. It is also possible to arrange an independent study or UROP ("undergraduate research opportunity") related to our research.

Prospective graduate students can apply either to be Masters/Phd students in NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Department of Communications and New Media — or to be PhD students in the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering.

Graduate students in the group are expected to build things (tools, applications, devices, services, or cognitive models) -- and to test/evaluate what has been built. They are also expected to do research that falls within at least one of the following broad categories:

  • Design and Build end-user tools, toys, art, and interfaces, especially intelligent/adaptive ones

  • Study different aspects of human cognition -- and build computational models as part of those studies

  • Identify and Articulate design principles (based on studying what we have built) to help other designers of partner technologies

Students who are interested in doing graduate work in this group should:

  • Be familiar with the kinds of work we do and support: look at some of the publications, previous projects, and related work

  • Be interested in implementing something with a focus on empowering user-interaction -- whether it is a computational tool, artwork, game, or model of cognition

  • Have programming/engineering experience (or be willing to acquire it) and be interested in working at the intersection of intelligent/adaptive human-computer interaction and at least one of the following:

    • computational tool design
    • artificial intelligence
    • design studies

    This can involve any particular end-user type, activity, or domain (e.g., entertainment, art, health care, military, etc.)

  • Have experience programming in Lisp or Scheme (not required, but very useful)

Special Note for non-technical undergraduate students interested in doing an Honours Thesis or an Independent Study: we do support non-technical students who are interested in doing qualitative (observational) studies of people using different kinds of technologies.